Sunday, 23 September 2012

Nothing Useless


As we know, that God has created this universe, this world complete with the creature inside as part of blessing and mercies, but sometime we think that some of creatures are useless, such as mosquito, ant, insect, or bad person like a killer, thief or even devil, or some bad situation like poorness, accident, or war. Why God creates them all?what for?

The basic think that we have to realize and believe is that God never creates something without meaning, its single fate has been written in the Lauhul Mahfudz. Maybe now we still don’t know about the function of them (some creature and bad situation), but you know why God gives us brain, heart and perfect “machine’ that are not given to any other creatures..yes, with those tools we can reach many possibilities to find the answer of all things that exist in this universe and our life. In ancient era, long-long time ago, people didn’t know about function of oil, gass, rubber tree and many others, but because of we have brain and the other “machine” that has given, people did some exploration, so that now we know the function of them and we can get benefit from those creatures.

As a young people, we have many problems in our life, but once again we have to realize that really nothing useless for everything we find and face, as long as we think that all of the conditions are just part of our life. Problems give experience and examine us to make or life better than before.
So guys, don’t ever complain and underestimate of everything in this life, just face and find the good things that are carried in with the problems, because really nothing useless in this world. Keep spirit and never Surrender.

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